Power Logic-6T Electro Polishing Unit


   Device Application

      Power Logic – 6T Electropolisher has been designed as a high-efficient, regulated electric source to power by one-directional constant current process of galvanic treatment of metals. You can forget about heating of electrolyte, blending or similar things, using which is intended to improve electrochemical process !!!
Power Logic-6T Electropolisher has built-in current regulator and stabilizer which allows to maintain required current density in electrolyte regardless of the temperature and size of the electrodes , with a precision of 0,1 Ampere !! Electropolisher provides to electrolyte pulse constant current. The result is a delicate vibration of attached electrodes and the electrolyte with a frequency of 100 Hz. In case of galvanic treatment of metals it causes the rapping of sediment from the surface of the workpiece, improving quality of elekctropolishing process. This feature distinguishes our device relative to other commercially available electropolishers.
The repeatability of the machining process controls the microprocessor with acoustic signaling completion of the process and the automatic restoration recently used settings: the current and the time. Electropolisher is easy to use and apply security and signaling provide comfort and safety. With a sophisticated design, our electropolisher enables the reversible work(electroplating).


      To electropolishing use only high-quality electrolytes!!!

2 years WARRANTY!!!


     Technical Specifications:

Power: 230 [V] AC +/- 10%

Power consumption: max 300 [VA]

Output voltage: 0-28 [V]

Output current (regulated): 0,1-5,6 [A]

Range of the timer: 1-99 [min]

Protection of the short circuit / electric opening of electrodes

Indication of protection activation: acoustic and optical

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