PE-V.3 Container for electropolishing


    The improved design of the PE-V.3 Container with active bottom. It can work with many types of electropolishing units. Dedicated to the Power Logic 6T.

PE-V.3 Container has a movable arm (made of acid-resistant alloy) with stainless steel alligator clip. Arm can be easily removed from the holder, which allows the attachment of polishing element outside of the container. As a result, this can be done conveniently and away from the electrolyte.

Arm handle with current clamp and clamping knob are placed outside the container and made of non-corrosive alloys.

“Alligator clip ” for fixing polished elements is screwed onto the arm and if its used, it can be quickly replaced (spare terminals and alligator clips can be purchased in our company).

Based on experience gained from prosthetists we chose the right shape and size of the electrodes inside the container – the addition of “active bottom” makes electropolishing is more evenly.


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