MarkoStar MSP 1.5 Extractor controller

6aafb29d1736ef45b9de64b96fe9a296 Device Application

This specialized device allows to automate the work of extractor or build the extractor based on any vacuum cleaner. Our controller provides appropriate cooperation micromotor (any brand) with your extractor (vacuum cleaner). Marko Star MSP 1,5 starts the extractor at the moment when the micromotor is turned on (start working with material) and turns off the extractor with the set delay after using micromotor (end of working with material).
An additional advantage of the device is continuously adjustable in a wide range, power supplied to the receiver – eg. regulation of suction power the extractor. The regulator of our device is equipped with the so-called. soft start at during the starting phase. Therefore, to MarkoStar MSP 1.5 worked properly with vacuum cleaner, it is essential to remove the regulator power vacuum cleaner if is mounted.

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