POPS-1A Portable Runway Lighting System

      We present a modern Portable Runway Lighting System consisting of completely independent POPS-1A lamps.

       Our lighting system design is based on pilots experience and consultation. We guided by simplicity and reliability (short time of install lighting). Design differ from standard known solutions.

Lamps edge addition to the omnidirectional light emission have additional light source on the landing approach angle of 120°, thus increasing safety through clear identification of the direction of approach and are very well reflected in the approach path.




Below You find films presenting POPS-1A System on runway:





       Design lamps project assumed maximum safety and ergonomics, what has been achieved by applying the following solutions:

Full autonomic of each single lamp while operating on the runway and during charging. Every single lamp has a built in rechargeable battery and charger, so you do not use any cables. The possibility of optional configuration of the lighting system (number of lamps and their spatial distribution). We eliminate the possibility of system failure (fault of one lamp does not affect others).

POWER SAFETY system, whereby a very low voltage condition cause disconnection upper LED, to continue lighting the runway and allow operation of the main LED which illuminates direction of approach to landing. Additionally, the system can check the charge status of each lamp in every moment when it is operating.

Maximum protection against damage thanks to robust aluminum housing equipped each lamp in the cover with a handle for safe handling and adding special boxes for every 5 lamps to transport, store and charge the lamps. This special box also protects against the weather.

Choosing the appropriate size – to provide a very good lighting the runway and that the lamp was lower than the standard distance from propellers to the surface of the runway.

– Lighting system is very easy to place and remove from the airfield. The right balance provides very good stability on the grassy ground without anchoring.

Protection against unauthorized use and the possible of the attempted theft – lamps are activated and off by the ignition key, so unauthorized persons can not turn them off. Built-up alarm protects against theft.



     POPS 1A lamps meet the requirements of ICAO 14 for edge lights, runway threshold and runway end lights for airfields with non-precision approach runway.

     Technical Specification:

Power: built-in battery

Charging: 100V – 240V AC 50/60Hz

Max time of charging: 12h

Operating time : up to 12h

Dimensions: Height: 295mm, Width: 150mm, Lenght: 75mm

Weight: 4,30kg

Light source: two LEDs (one facing horizontally, the second, upper, emits light omni-directionally in case of edge lights).

The colors of the emitted light: white (temp.: 6000K), green, red (blue)

Angle of light emission:

white – omni-directional (360°), over the horizon: 180°

red and green: horizontally 120°, over the horizon >90°

Luminous intensity:

In each direction, vertical and horizontal emissions for all lamps >25 candelas.

On direction of approach to landing:

white light: >170 candelas,

green light: >190 candelas,

red light: >70 candelas.

Operating temp.: -25°C to +35°C

Storage temp.: +10°C to +25°C